Mezzanine Floors are the most simple but effective equipment to have installed within your Warehouse.

You may be asking what a ‘Mezzanine Floor’ or ‘Mezz Floor’ is?

Mezzanine floors are a demountable structure within an open area. It is essentially a floor on columns, made from steel and aluminium sections, typically with a Tongue and Groove 38mm chipboard overlaying the structure.

What are the benefits of Mezzanine Floors?

Mezz floors are normally regarded as a semi permanent structure, installed within a suitable open area and offer a fantastic way of saving money in relation to both increasing storage, working area and most importantly giving another option than having to move premises. Mezzanine floors are typically used within warehouse or factories where storage or working space is at a premium.

What Accessories?

Mezzanine Floors can come with an array of different accessories, normally decided at design stage, mezz accessories offer our clients great ways to stay safe on the deck and improve practicality. Some accessories available:

  • Staircases (Standard Straight Flight, or Part K Regulation)
  • Handrails – Normally required where the deck does not abut to an existing wall
  • Pallet Gates
  • Slide Gates
  • CAT Ladders
  • Pallet Protector Plates
  • Overlay in either Steel, Paint or Rubber Matting
  • Goods Lifts


We take care of currentregulations and all floors conform to CE regulations (2014) and Manufactured to execution class 2. Floors are considered for Fire Protection at survey stage. Not only this, we can also take care of all your local authority applications and walk you through what is required.