The Strangest Achievements Made Using Forklifts

The Strangest Achievements Made Using Forklifts

The bedrock of many modern businesses from construction, logistics, supply chain and many other industries, forklifts have shaped how so many places look and have achieved some incredible efficiencies and transformations.

However, that versatility has also meant that forklifts are capable of some quite phenomenal feats in the hands of capable drivers, engineers and designers. Here are some of the most unusual and unique.


Longest Pallet Relay


The forklift and the wooden pallet are both fundamental to modern logistics, with one being essential to how the other evolved and enabling a level of standardisation that allows for the warehouse as we know it.

With that in mind, passing pallets from forklift to forklift is an unusual skill, and being able to do so 126 times in a row, as a team from LMV Automotive Systems managed in 2018, is a phenomenal feat.

It requires careful planning, driving and preparation and their exceptional effort should be praised.


Fastest Forklift Wheel Change


Inspections, maintenance and repairs are a crucial part of ensuring your forklifts last as long as they can and ensuring that they are always safe to use.

Whilst inspections are often undertaken efficiently, they are not typically time-critical, as it is better to ensure that the inspection is thorough than fast.

With that said, this does not make the pit stop team at Linde Material Handling’s achievement any less impressive, as the team of eight forklift experts changed all four truck tyres in just 79 seconds.

This feat was part of the StaplerCup, a forklift truck driving competition based in Germany that appears to be similar to forklift rodeos, except with a grander stage and greater emphasis on spectacle than the typically local competitions seen around the world.

With some of the best drivers and operators in the world competing, it allows for competitions that focus on speed, given that they are expected to be thorough, which comes through dedication, training and practice.