Shelving systems differ from Pallet Racking systems and are more commonly used in conjunction with boxed goods.

What is a Shelving System?

A shelving system is a lighter more universal system to store boxed goods. Normally, shelving systems are suitable for companies with a high level of picking and packing of multiple SKU units. Shelving systems are adjustable to suit, and easily changed to suit changing stocks or size of units. Shelving is constructed using frames and specialist beams and made into a useable shelf using P2 grade chipboard levels (normally in 18mm or 25mm). Shelving can also be incorporated with steel shelves, whereby if material is susceptible to leaking this is an ideal solution.

Storage Capacities

Mezz floors are normally regarded as a semi permanent structure, installed within a suitable open area and offer a In some circumstances and designs, shelving can store between 440kgs to 1000kgs depending on the beam, chipboard and additional accessories.


Mezzanine Floors can come with an array of different accessories, normally decided at design stage, mezz accessories Shelving is designed to clients needs, and there are various depths to suit the application. Depths can be from 400mm to 1200mm deep.