Buying A New Vs Used Forklift

Buying A New Vs Used Forklift

Forklifts are a practical addition to any warehouse, generally making work much safer and getting jobs done quicker. 

However, forklifts are a capital expense, and not only relatively expensive but there also needs to be an investment in training for workers to be able to operate them efficiently and safely, as well as ensuring other workers are made aware of the safety implications of a forklift in the workplace too.

Many business owners will have questioned whether to buy a new forklift or an older, used one. There is a huge market for them, and many options to consider, which we have a look at below.


When Do You Need a Forklift?

If you’re considering whether you should get a forklift or not, it’s likely high time you did have one. If workers are having to move heavy loads by hand, there is a high risk of injury. A forklift can move heavy loads easier, faster, and safer than by manual methods.


Budget Vs Quality

Like any other tool or vehicle, a new forklift will be in pristine condition, but some older, used models will have been taken care of throughout their working life and can be purchased in an almost-new condition, and for less than a new model. 

Every business will be wanting to keep tight reigns on budgets, especially new businesses, but be aware of the false economy of opting for the cheapest forklift you can find. Visiting forklift sales in the Midlands will help you get the best results and the right vehicle for your needs and budget.


Learning to Operate

Another expense in acquiring a forklift is getting adequate training in how to operate one. Legally, every employer has a responsibility under Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 to ensure staff have adequate training before they use work equipment. 

Having the relevant forklift training ensures you stand out and are knowledgeable and qualified to operate a forklift.

Operating a forklift is pretty much the same whether its new or used, the only difference being that the very latest models have built-in sensors for detecting close objects. Although very handy, if that is the only major difference between the two models, then you are better off with a used one. 



New or used, every forklift will have additional costs for regular maintenance and fuel consumption, whether that’s LPG gas, diesel, or electricity.

Your forklift needs to be inspected at least once a year to ensure there are not noticeable faults, and that everything is in working order, and that your forklift is safe to use.

Old or new, used or unpacked, there are both pros and cons to every side. Even if you had the money to spend without thinking much about it, it would still be better to carefully consider whats for sale and get the best offer, regardless of the age of the vehicle.


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