A Quick Guide To Forklift Truck Health & Safety

A Quick Guide To Forklift Truck Health & Safety

Health and safety must always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when involved in work that requires the use of heavy machinery, such as forklift trucks. These can be incredibly dangerous machines and can cause injury and even death if not operated appropriately.

It’s important that anyone intending to use such machines has Ace forklift training or similar, so they know what their responsibilities are and won’t be putting themselves or others at risk.

A check of the truck itself should always be carried out before each shift, so you know it’s in good working order. Operator restraints should always be worn and the truck should only be driven at a speed that is suitable for both the location and the load it is carrying.

Always take a good look around before setting off so you know your way is clear, but also keep a lookout for pedestrians and obstructions as you go. Avoid violent braking and sudden stops and always slow down at corners and doorways, beeping the horn as and when required. 

Make sure you go slowly when travelling down slopes and make sure the forks face uphill if you’re carrying a load, whether you’re going up or down the slope in question.

When the job is finished, park the truck on level ground and leave it with the mast tilted forwards and the forks lowered down fully, with the tips resting on the floor. Use the parking brake, shift it into neutral, turn the engine off and remove the key.

Visit the British Safety Council website now to read more about the risks of forklift trucks in the workplace.