5 Fascinating Facts About Forklifts

5 Fascinating Facts About Forklifts

Forklift trucks are a common sight on business and commercial premises all over the world, and it cannot be overstated how they have impacted the efficiency and safety of the workplace.

Forklifts need specialised instruction and licences to operate to maintain health and safety where they are being used, but we know we’d all be lost without them! We have a look at five fun facts about forklifts.

1. Origins

The forklift truck as we know it today has been around since the 1960s, but there have been iterations of the machine since the early 19th century.

The first battery-powered forklifts were developed way back in 1906, and their use in WWI lead to their successors - lift trucks for handling heavy loads. By the time WWII came around, these lift trucks had been developed and advanced to something more like what we use today.

2. Development

In the 1950s, manufacturers started to design trucks that catered for the need to lift and load objects to and from higher places. Trucks were developed with a lift range of 15.2m, which made warehouses and facilities much safer.

3. Safety

Safety is always paramount in any factory or warehouse, and due to stringent forklift training, forklifts are responsible for only 1 per cent of accidents, which has been put down to the speed restrictions of around 3 to 8 mph.

4. Battery Power

Early batteries for forklifts lasted around eight hours - the same length of time as an average shift. However, advancements in technology have meant more efficient batteries can be used on forklifts allowing them to operate for much longer.

5. Engines

Forklifts are now available with a variety of engine and power sources. There are both internal combustion and electric forklifts available, with the internal combustion engine powered by either gasoline, diesel, propane or more recently, LPG. These engines are engineered to provide a level of performance and efficiency that makes the job of operators easier and safer.

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